Protecting your Income

July 16, 2021
Protecting your income

Professionals are Failing to Protect their Biggest Asset; Themselves! With years of education behind them, and years of earning potential in front of them, professional individuals are a valuable commodity. But why are so few protecting themselves – financially?  Many professionals are self-employed, adding another layer of financial responsibility to the equation. Despite their significant insurance […]

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Nearing Retirement: Checklist of things to do

July 15, 2021
nearing retirement

Checklist of things to do when you near retirement   It’s a good idea to start planning when you’re nearing retirement age.  Here is a checklist of things to work on now before you retire:   Find your paperwork. Old pensions from previous employers, life cover, current investments, pensions. Some people are very organised, they […]

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What you need to know about starting a pension

July 15, 2021
what you need to know about starting a pension

What do you need to know about starting a pension? People retiring today expect to be much more active than previous generations, so it’s important that you prepare for the life you want to live when you reach retirement age. You may not want to stop working at 66 but you should know what your […]

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The Impact of Inflation on Your Savings & Investments

July 6, 2021
The impact of inflation on savings and investments

Euro saved is a Euro earned! So the saying goes, but thanks to inflation the value of that Euro saved could be a lot less than when you earned it, over time.  The obvious impact of inflation on your savings is that your purchasing power is eroding. This means that if you stash €100 under […]

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Keeping your wealth in the family…

June 18, 2021
Keeping your wealth in he family

Passing on wealth can be a sensitive subject not only because of the financial complexities but also the family emotions and politics it might drag up. In 2020, Revenues net receipts from Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) were €505 million. €430 million of this was made up of Inheritance Tax and €71 million was made up […]

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We’re Hiring!!!

May 14, 2021

We have an opportunity for you to be part of the next phase of our exciting growth! We are currently hiring for a:   FINANCIAL SERVICES CLIENT ADMINISTRATOR – FULL-TIME   A day in the life: You will assist us as we provide advice to clients across a range of key areas including cash-flow management, […]

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Company Owners avoid the 20% surcharge on your reserves

April 12, 2021
Business owners risk management

Irish companies which are “close” companies are liable to pay a 20% surcharge each year on any investment income (or deposit income) which is not distributed. A “close” company is a business controlled by 5 or fewer participators – i.e. a person who has an interest in the income or capital of a company. Does […]

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10 Things about Money You Weren’t Taught at School…

March 11, 2021
Things about money not taught at school

By Cleona Kinahan M.Sc CFP® QFA FLIA “Schools teach you how to work for money, but don’t teach how to make it work for you.” — Robert Kiyosaki   1. Spend less than you earn This is a discipline. In order to achieve this goal, you have to know where your money is going each […]

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So what are the financial benefits to getting married?

February 2, 2021
Financial reasons to tie the knot

“You don’t marry someone you can live with…  You marry someone you can’t live without” – unknown   Ok so it’s not the most romantic reason for a proposal, but there are many financial and practical reasons to tie the knot. As well as the joy of sharing your life with the love of your […]

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10 Reasons to Jump Start Your Financial Future…

January 7, 2021
New year Resolutions 2021

GET FINANCIALLY FIT for 2021!!!   It’s time to improve your overall financial knowledge Get clear on your options. Taking the time to understand your current financial position will help you identify the challenges that you may face (both now and in the future). The sooner you identify these, the sooner you can remedy them […]

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