10 Reasons to Jump Start Your Financial Future…

reasons to jump start your financial future



It’s time to improve your overall financial knowledge

Get clear on your options. Taking the time to understand your current financial position will help you identify the challenges that you may face (both now and in the future). The sooner you identify these, the sooner you can remedy them and get back on track to financial independence.


Have a strategy

a ‘plan of action’ to follow so you know where you’re heading and how you will get there. Having goals in place is important so that you have a clear path to follow. You know where you are heading and have a structure to follow to ensure you can achieve everything you set out to do.


Enjoy your life more

Enjoy your life more knowing that you have the cash flow to fund your lifestyle and can plan for those ‘extras’ that you’re finding so hard to achieve right now. Critical to maintaining positive cash flow is knowing & keeping track of your income sources and ensuring that they remain constant. It will determine the quality and standard of your lifestyle choices.


Take an interest in your finances again

Most people know deep down that they don’t give their finances the time and attention they deserve… When you finally make the decision to turn things around, you approach things with a renewed sense of energy.


Make smarter decisions around your money

Think more carefully about the way you spend & invest. One of the least painful ways to save and invest is to automate the amounts you want to set aside each month. With steady, ongoing contributions to retirement plans, recurring deposits into savings accounts, and smart investment decisions it’s possible to create your own safety net of financial security.


Contribute to a Retirement Savings Plan

How many of you do not have any personal provision for your retirement? How many of you are confident you will have sufficient income for when you retire? Does your company offer an employee pension scheme?
If you haven’t already got a retirement plan in place now is the time. Your future is not guaranteed. There may be speed bumps ahead in your life, and you might encounter some money troubles, having a retirement plan will put you in the best place to deal with them. Start your retirement savings now, delaying your contributions means you’ll have to save more every month to end up in the same position.


Get the right Insurance

Financial security is something too many of us leave to chance! For some reason, most people don’t want to think about something going wrong or contemplate potential issues that may arise … Until it’s TOO LATE! Hope for the best, PLAN for the worst. Get the right advice for your situation.


Bulletproof’ confidence

Improve your financial wellbeing knowing that – no matter what life throws at you – you have a plan, money in reserve, and a ‘backup plan’ in place when it comes to money and finances. Financial security can be yours.


STRESS less!

When you are in control of your money, life just seems to get better. Things get easier. You have greater peace of mind and can replace worry with confidence.


…And finally, Make an Appointment with your FINANCIAL PLANNER at O’Leary Financial Planning. We can provide you with the best weapon for taking control – CHOICE! We’re here to ensure you make informed decisions about managing your money, stay focused on the prize, and achieve your financial ambitions.


Well worth the effort, wouldn’t you agree…?