What you need to know about starting a pension

what you need to know about starting a pension

What do you need to know about starting a pension? People retiring today expect to be much more active than previous generations, so it’s important that you prepare for the life you want to live when you reach retirement age. You may not want to stop working at 66 but you should know what your options are. Our population is aging and our life expectancy is increasing so we need to make sure we have enough put aside to see us out! The state pension may not be enough to sustain the lifestyle you want when you retire.


Deciding on the type of pension for you, deciding when and how much to invest in a pension is one of the most important decisions you are ever likely to make. It’s so important to start making some provisions now for your retirement. Be aware of all your options and make adjustments to your plan, if necessary, sooner rather than later. It’s time to start making provisions for your future.


Get Advice

Many people don’t understand pensions and are wary of investing in pensions of any kind. So getting good advice at the start is invaluable.  If you want to maintain a certain lifestyle when you retire you need to give serious thought to putting a plan in place. Give one of our financial advisers a call today to address your concerns and discuss your options. We can guide you through the process and select the right arrangement for you.



How much can you afford to set aside

We will sit down with you and work out how much you can afford to save by looking at your current income and expenditure, as well as the tax reliefs you can avail of. We will discuss the various options with you so that you are fully informed before you make any decisions.



Decide what plan works for you

We have a retirement plan to suit everyone Whether you are a company director, self-employed, or looking for a private pension we will advise you of a plan that suits your circumstances.



Now that your pension is set up

Once you’ve set up your pension you can increase or decrease your contributions depending on what life has in store for you. We will monitor and review its progress regularly and will meet with you annually to discuss. Click here to schedule a Retire Ready Session