Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning


  • How many of you do not have any personal provision for your retirement?
  • How many of you are confident you will have sufficient income for when you retire?

If you hope to have a comfortable retirement it’s important to start planning now if you haven’t already done so.


A pension is ultimately a long-term savings plan that you invest in regularly to secure your retirement and unlike regular savings, the money invested in a pension can earn you important tax benefits. Once you retire, your fund can provide you with an income.  The current state pension represents a substantial step down for many in full-time employment. 

Pensions can be confusing and complicated. At O’Leary Financial Planning we give you a complete picture of your retirement options, we will clarify and explain the pension process for you and make recommendations based on your requirements. We will look at your current income and expenditure to devise a workable plan to manage your future commitments and help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you want.


We can also review your existing arrangements and answer any questions you might have.

Tax relief on pension contributions and tax-free growth on your retirement fund. No other long-term investment opportunity offers such great level of tax relief.

What you need to know about starting a pension

If you want to maintain your current standard of living when you retire you need to start saving for it now. Deciding on the type of pension for you, or when and how much to invest is one of the most significant decisions you are ever likely to make.

It’s so important to start making some provisions now for your retirement,

  • Check if your current job provides an occupational pension scheme
  • Work out how much you can afford to save towards a pension
  • What type of lifestyle do you want when you retire and how much will you need to save to achieve that
  • Talk to a financial adviser about what type of pension will best suit you needs

We can explain everything you need to know about setting up a pension. One of the main advantages of starting a pension is that you get tax relief on your contributions and any growth in your pension fund up to a certain limit.

Retirement planning

Nearing Retirement

  • How do you see yourself spending most of your time once you have retired?
  • Where do you see yourself spending that time in retirement?
  • Do you have a plan for your retirement?
  • Will your income at retirement be enough to maintain your lifestyle?

If you’re near retirement you should start thinking about the life you would like and how you plan to fund that life.  You need your investments, assets and any alternative income to last through out your retirement so you must weigh up the lifestyle you want against the assets you have and decide if this is sufficient for what you need.

As you near retirement let us help you understand what’s available to you.

At Retirement

There is life after work but it is what you make of it. So, make it count.

Coping financially is usually the biggest worry when people retire, so it’s important to speak to a financial adviser about your retirement benefits and options. 

Retirement planning can be daunting and confusing at the best of times, so let us help make sense of your options and talk you through your entitlements and benefits. 

We go through all the options with you and explain it so it makes sense to you. If you already have arrangements in place but are not sure of what your entitlements are we offer a second opinion service to answer any questions you might have. You are entitled to a number of financial allowances and benefits when you retire.

Budgeting for retirement

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  • When do you want to retire?
  • What will you need each year to meet your expenses and still maintain the standard of living you desire in your retirement?
  • Do you have a plan in place for when you retire?


It’s more important than ever that we budget for our retirement.  Our population is aging and our life expectancy is increasing so we need to make sure we have enough put aside.


Consider what sort of income you might need in retirement, taking into account that some of your biggest expenditures such as mortgage repayments and your children’s education will be over and done with. Then speak to us about how you can secure an income when you retire.

Mary regularly provides me with updates and has always been available to answer any questions or explain the options within my retirement plan. Transitioning into retirement has been much easier thanks to O'Leary Financial Planning. 

Michael McDonnell, Client

Cleona has given me clear pension advice and guidance over a number of years. She has worked through a retirement plan with me to maximise my pension investments while reducing my tax liability. This has given me peace of mind to know that l will have enough in the pot to see me through.

Martin Maloney, Client

Having worked with Mary on my pension strategy over the past number of years, I believe that Mary in O’Leary Financial Planning has provided me with invaluable insight and guidance.

Mary’s step by step partnership approach coupled with regular easy to understand reviews & strategy discussions have assisted me greatly in planning for life after work .

 I would have no hesitation in recommending Mary whose knowledge , experience and guidance is second to none.

Enda McDonnell

Before I started dealing with Cleona I was paying into a pension without really keeping knowing how it was performing or if it would be sufficient for my retirement. Cleona helped me come up with a proper plan to fund my retirement which we sit down and review annually. So now I'm paying more into my fund and less to the tax man, and I know I'll have what I need for retirement.

I'm just sorry I didn't do this sooner.

Glenn Cahill