Why we charge a fee

A fee is charged by the broker for services unrelated to the transaction of placing the business with the insurance provider, including:
  • Researching the life/insurance market on behalf of the consumer & providing best advice on all available products
  • Recommending, given our knowledge & expertise, the best options to suit the consumers’ needs
  • Providing a detailed Financial Planning Report tailored to the consumers’ requirements
  • Explaining the terms/conditions/ warranties included in the policies
  • Handling Mid-term alterations to existing policies & following through with life/ insurance companies to ensure timely implementation
  • Assist in the managing of claims & bring them to a satisfactory outcome for the consumer
  • Furnishing consumers with duplicate documentation where required/requested
  • Assisting with queries &/or complaints the consumer might have in relation to their policy
  • Comply with the cost of significant regulatory directives from the Central bank