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Our '6 Step' Financial Planning Process

At O'Leary Financial Planning, we follow a '6 Step' process designed to provide you with clarity, direction, and peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Our process helps you create, implement, and maintain a personalised financial plan that aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.


Schedule a 15-min Introductory Chat

(either phone or Zoom)

Book a casual / non-judgemental) phone or video call with one of our Financial

Discuss your current financial concerns or questions

Learn more about our services, how we can help you and potential next steps


Introductory Meeting

Detailed discuss about your situation, goals, and objectives

Determine if we can assist you

Explain our services, fees and mutually agree to proceed


Discovery Meeting

Prioritise your goals and objectives

Gather detailed financial information

Discuss your risk profile and strategy options

Agree on strategy direction and develop a Statement of Suitability


Meet again to reconfirm your goals, objectives, and risk profile

Meet again to reconfirm your goals, objectives, and risk profile

Provide a detailed overview of your personalised advice

Explain the advice in 'Plain English' and disclose all fees


Strategy Implementation

Make any necessary adjustments and clarify any details

Complete and sign required paperwork

Implement and follow up on outstanding requirements to completion

Provide confirmation of implemented policies and investments


Ongoing Service and Review

Update any changes to your circumstances or objectives

Review existing strategies and provide advice for necessary changes

Uncover additional strategies and monitor progress to objectives

Our Investment Philosophy


Our Investment Philosophy is embedded in Strategic Asset Allocation.

We craft our portfolios through the lens of Modern Portfolio Theory, adhering to prudent diversification and an acute assessment of risk and volatility.

Portfolios are tailored through a Core and Satellite approach that provides our clients with inexpensive Index exposure - complemented by ‘best in breed’ Active management.

These return (alpha) generators are sourced through constantly researched and thoroughly evaluated investment managers and their strategy/s.

Finally, our Advisors conduct a review and due diligence on current and potential investment managers.

You should expect:

Global Investment Approach & Reach

Highly Liquid & Cost Effective Investments

Full Transparency

Large Institutional Sized Managers

Directly held Australian shares

Daily Pricing Updates

Managers that are ‘true to label’

Our Guiding Investment Principles



The key to a suitable asset allocation is the inclusion of multiple asset classes.

The ability to generate uncorrelated returns within your portfolio allocation is paramount.


Open-architecture Manager Selection

Our investment platform is driven by our institutional size and scale capabilities that allow us to access the best-in-class investment managers for our distinct investment strategies.

Unrestricted by proprietary investment funds, our team is free to source the most advantageous strategies for the sole benefit of our clients.


Risk-Adjusted Returns

An investment portfolio should be relied upon to generate risk-adjusted returns appropriate for each client.


Capital Preservation

The most detrimental aspect to an investment portfolio over time is the introduction of undue, unnecessary risk.

We employ risk management at every level of our investment process, from the initial assessment to portfolio implementation, to ongoing oversight and rebalancing.


Tactical Portfolio Shifts

The majority of long-term investment performance is derived from a client’s strategic asset allocation; however, value can be added through an ability to initiate tactical investment moves within portfolios.

At times, markets present inefficiencies that offer compelling opportunities for professional investors.

We strive to take advantage of these market dislocations typically driven by investor behavioural biases.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is general in nature and not tailored to your specific financial situation. Before acting on any information, consider your circumstances and seek appropriate advice. The website discusses certain advice strategies and products and may not include all available options.

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