How are you saving for your Children’s Future?

how are you saving for your children's future
Help your Savings go Further

When it comes to your child’s future you want to give them every opportunity possible. When it comes to their education you need to ensure you have enough to support them through their college years. Therefore, with a range of saving & investment options to suit your particular needs O’Leary Financial Planning can help you to grow your money over the medium to long-term from as little as €100 per month. How are you saving for your children’s future?


Will You Have Enough To Cover Their Education Costs? 


How to start saving for your child’s future:
  • Start with the end in mind. Calculate how much you need to cover the cost of your child’s education, especially third-level college fees. Don’t forget to include rent, food, accommodation, transport costs, utilities, college activities.
  • Get into the habit of saving and create a savings plan
  • Know what your spending your money on, keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements
  • Will you need to access this money over the savings period
  • Be cognisant of the interest rates you will earn on your savings
  • Is your money growing beyond inflation?
  • Talk to a financial planner about the most appropriate savings & investment options for you & evaluate your progress regularly

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The savings don’t have to be earmarked for their education, maybe you want it for something else – to help with their first car, a deposit on a first home, etc. Whatever you’re saving for taking the time now to plan for their future can make all the difference in 10, 20 years.


If we had a euro every time someone said “I wish I had started a savings plan for the kids when they were young”…., well, we wouldn’t be writing these blogs!




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